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Medical Weight Loss

We offer comprehensive medical weight loss consultations. Our approach is customized, comprehensive and science-driven to meet each client's individual needs. We cover nutrition, exercise, supplements and medical prescriptions that all work together for optimal results. 


How to get started?

1) Fill Out Forms Online

2) Email Forms to Us

3) Receive a call to schedule your appointment! 



A BMI between 25-30 without any comorbidities is classified as overweight. A BMI greater than 30 or 27 with 1 comorbidity (a condition such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, uncontrolled glucose levels, etc) is considered as obese.

We offer consultations for each of these BMI ranges. 


Get your free BMI check here! HYPERLINK ""mi/adult_bmi/english_bmi_calculator/bmi_calculator.html



Cash Pay Program not covered by insurance


 New Patient  $150

This includes starting measurements/vitals, lab panel, and consultation. Intake forms need to be filled out and submitted by email. Once our team reviews your paperwork, our office will reach out to schedule a time for your lab draw. After labs are received, a consultation will be scheduled in person or by telehealth.  The consultation will include: lab review, dietary education, exercise, and goal setting.

(Medication will not be prescribed until labs are received and reviewed)


Follow up visits $75

 Follow up visits include measurements/vitals, and a refill on prescription for weight loss medication. Patients are to follow up once monthly for medical weight loss management either in person or via telehealth. Labs will be ordered every 3-6 months per patient needs.



Listed, are the weight loss medication options that can be used alone or in combination with our lipotropic injections. These prescriptions are in addition to the prices listed above. Some of the manufacturers offer discount cards for your prescriptions and you can check their website for those cards.


1. Tirzepatide (Mounjaro) or Semaglutide (Ozempic, Wegovy)-great option for patients with metabolic syndrome. This is a once weekly subcutaneous injection that affects your appetite hormone ghrelin. This medication helps to lower appetite and decrease gastric motility, so you stay fuller longer. This does require a prescription. Some insurances do cover and if you have insurance, you can check coverage with your insurance before you start a cash pay program for medication.

Cash price cost of the medication, Tirzepatide, is based upon the amount of medication you are on. 


10mg/1ml: 1.5 ml vial $200 

25mg/1ml: 1.5 ml vial $350

50 mg/1ml: 1.5 ml vial $600


Cash price cost of the medication, Semaglutide, is based upon the amount of medication you are on. 


1mg/1ml: 1 ml vial $150

1mg/1ml: 2.5 ml vial $250

5mg/1ml: 1 ml vial $300

5mg/1ml: 2.5 ml vial $400


2. Naltrexone/Bupropione



Information on Lipotropic (fat burning) Injections


MICC- is a special lipotropic fat burning combination of methionine, inositol, choline, and B12. Each of these ingredients help the body turn fat into energy and are also powerful antioxidants. MICC injections are often used in weight loss regimens as well as to promote healthy cell function and increased energy.


*Recommended Dosage: 1ML intramuscularly weekly

Components of the MICC
Methionine: Helps break down sugars & carbohydrates and convert to energy. Building block for protein synthesis. Inositol: Converts food to energy. Also has a calming effect and has shown to reduce panic attacks. Choline: Healthy nerve cells, cuts muscle recovery time, helps convert fat to energy. Cyanocobalamin (B12): Increases energy and metabolism. Plays a key role in the normal function of the brain and nervous system. 


Injection pricing $20 per injection



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