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  • Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD).

  • Improves cognitive function, reduces pain, improves energy, weight management, reverse and slows aging and more.

  • It is a key function in our cells in the mitochondria that converts food to energy and maintains the integrity of our DNA.

  • Aids in production of ATP (energy-carrying molecule known as "the energy currency of life" or "the fuel of life").

  • Can help improve; athletic performance, high cholesterol, mood, fatigue, slowly reduces aging, blood pressure, neurodegenerative disease and reversing alcohol effects on the liver.

Single Infusion Pricing and Maintenance

After the initial infusions, we recommend once maintenance dose every 1-2 months for Beauty
and Clarity. For Detox/Addiction we recommend maintenance dose every month.

Single Infusion Dose Pricing:

Clarity: 500 mg NAD = $425
Detox/Addiction: 1,000 mg NAD = $725

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