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Frequently Asked Questions


What is IV therapy?

IV therapy is a prompt way to restore and hydrate your cells and life. This relatively painless therapy will revive your organs and cells. We incorporate saline solution and vitamins to provide maximum restoration to your body.

What is the process for IV therapy?

On arrival to our clinic, you will fill out a medical history form, that will be reviewed by a registered nurse. The nurse will discuss with you which infusion option would be best fit your needs. Then, your IV will be initiated and therapy will begin. All therapies have been reviewed and formulated by our medical team.  

What benefits will I notice?

The benefits are endless, most noticeable benefits is Hydration. Other benefits may include: increased energy, increased ability to fight off infections, increased focus,  decreased inflammation, decreased muscle pain, and decreased stress.

How long does an infusion last?

Time can vary from depending on your venous access, however most infusion typically last from 15-45 minutes.

What if I already take oral vitamins daily?

This is not a problem. Absorption of oral vitamins vary but most absorption is as low as 10%. IV absorption is 100% because it goes directly into your cells. 

Do I need an appointment?

We strongly recommend booking an appointment to reserve your time, your chair and ensure staff availability. However, walk-ins are accepted on an as-available basis.

How often should I receive an IV infusion?

Infusions and infusion types vary based on person but typically we recommend bi-weekly or monthly infusions. 

What if I have medication allergies?

While very rare, allergic reactions can happen to any of the vitamins and nutrients we use. This is why a detailed medical history including allergies will be assessed by a registered nurse before each infusion begins.

Are there any negative side effects I should be aware of?

Negative side-effects are very rare as vitamins and nutrients are naturally occurring and needed by the body. We will address any concerns or questions during your visit.

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